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When hunting season starts, you'll find many hunters hunting from some kind of tree stand. It can be a climbing stand, a fixed stand, a box stand, or a blind. Some hunters prefer to just stand by a tree, others will just sit on the ground, some behind old trees that have fallen, and some may walk around and stop, but most hunters will hunt from a deer stand. I have seen some real nice tree stands in my 40 plus years of deer hunting, and made many my self, and still building them. The older I get the more I want my stand to be warmer, so I build box stands so I can heat them up. When I first started hunting, I made box stands and used a portable heater to stay warm, but got away from it as time passed. If your stand is comfortable, you'll stay in it longer, giving you a better shot at seeing more deer. I've hunted out of most every kind of stand there is on the market and many of my own that I have built, and the box stand is by far the warmest stand to hunt from.

These pictures are just a few examples of some different types of stands that you can make yourself. I don't have the plans for these, but the pictures will give you some idea of how they can be made, and use your own ideas.

Blinds are great for hunting deer in thick cover areas, but, you must cover your scent, because your on the ground, and deer can smell your scent.

Open ladder stands are also great for hunting deer, because you can get them 12 to 15 feet high and the deer may not smell your scent, but ladder stands are very cold, especially if it's windy.

A nice planned out box stand is by far the best way to hunt, because you can bring a portable heater to keep you warm, and the deer wont see your movements, so giving you a much easier chance of a shot without spooking the deer. When building a box stand, make sure you keep in mind that you're going to need to be able to shoot a gun and a bow from it, so keep this in mind when building it.

More Pictures  A Couple Stands I Built

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